2011 Goal Setting

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Goodbye 2010 Balloons

It’s the time of year where we review our past year and set some goals for the next year. I have many goals that I would like to list as New Years Resolutions, but goal-setting is generally more effective with fewer, specific, measurable goals.

2010 in Review

During 2010, I graduated with my Masters of Accountancy, worked part time over the summer as a bookkeeper, worked part time as a research assistant for accounting professors and PhD students, passed my fourth and final part of the CPA exam, and started a full-time job in public accounting.

What lies ahead in 2011

In 2011, I’ll work through my first busy season as a full-time public accountant. I will, almost unavoidably, learn a huge amount about auditing and taxes. I should be eligible for my CPA license by the end of 2011.

What I will accomplish

Professionally – Accounting
In 2011, I would like to learn to become a better accountant. I will certainly learn during busy season, and I hear that I remain mostly confused until my second busy season has passed, but I hope that I will end the season with some feeling of competence at least.

As a blogger
I would like to get AccountantByDay.com to an Alexa rank below 200,000 and make it into the Yakezie network! In order to accomplish this, I plan to post a minimum of 3 times per week, but ideally more. I will strive to improve my writing, and choose topics to write about that my readers find valuable. I also plan to devote plenty of time to building relationships with other bloggers.

As an artist (and a blogger!)
I recently opened a store on Etsy.com to sell some of my artwork. I also have a blog that goes along with this venture (CeciCooper.com). This blog is pretty much at ground zero right now, so I have a lot of work ahead of me to network with other craft/arts bloggers and build a readership. As with AccountantByDay, I will focus on posting frequently, writing quality, valuable posts, and creating relationships with other bloggers in that sphere. As for the art, I hope to keep adding various products to my Etsy.com store. Apparently having at least 100 products nets you much more interest, so one of my goals is to reach 100 listed products over the next few months.

Later on in 2011, I would like to launch a new site: HandmadeEntrepreneur.com. The viability of this website is somewhat dependent on my success as a seller of art, but the basic idea is to create a website for beginning sellers of handmade goods online to introduce them to the world of blogging to market their crafts. Soon I’ll be looking for a talented photographer to write some articles about taking better photographs of arts and crafts. My current goals for this website include: writing at least 25 pillar articles in various categories before launch, and also successfully building the readership of CeciCooper.com so I will have an audience to start with when the blog is launched.


I would like to:

1st: Establish an emergency fund that will cover 3 months of expenses.
2nd: Reduce my student loans to $10,000 (At 17,600 right now.)
2rd: Put 60% of my paycheck towards my net worth (paying down debt, increasing investments, savings. Anything except spending.)


Once a month, I plan to post updates on these goals here. Checking in with goals once a year is not enough to keep me feeling accountable!

I noticed that many of you have blog posts about your 2011 goals and plans. Let’s all keep each other updated on how well those goals are doing. With accountability and encouragement, I think that we’ll all be happy with how well we stick to our goals in the new year!

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5 Comments on “2011 Goal Setting

  1. OMG! An accountant who is an artist and does printing! I have been carving in rubber for a few years now, just to make my own cards and for letterboxing, and after I get my CPA I want to learn to do linocut. I have considered the idea of having an Etsy shop for the summer when it’s not tax season. Your goals are inspirational, especially since it’s your first season. My goal is to blog once a month, and I don’t even manage that, and it is certainly not my first tax season either ; )

    If you do a Handmade Entrepreneur site, you might consider adding some information about Schedule C & inventory & home office & quarterly estimated taxes. Lots of new artisans find all of that intimidating and confusing.

    • Haha, yes! Thanks for the encouragement.

      This is my first real busy season (I interned at big 4 during busy season, but they didn’t give us too much to do.) So I’m probably taking way too much on, but I find that the more time I have to spend at work, unable to even think about blogging, the more ideas my brain comes up with to write about when I get home from work. So as long as I have a little time to write it down, I hope I can post pretty frequently.

      When I launch the Handmade Entrepreneur site, I will definitely be coming to you for a guest post if you want! (After tax season of course!)