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Sunday Breakfast Links

Things I've been reading, in the blogosphere . . .

Retire by 40, who plans to become a stay-at-home dad, interviews another stay-at-home dad and blogger, Hunter from Financially Consumed.  Read about what it's like to be the only dad on the playground.

EngineerYourFinances gives some tips and encouragement for negotiating your salary in a down economy.  If you're looking ahead to an annual review soon, don't forget to read this post and negotiate your pay increase!

On a related note, Broke Professionals brings us a post about how to be successful at moving up the career ladder.  They take a look at some archetype managers they have worked with, and compare which strategy translates best into managing a whole department.

I loved this post from Money Mamba that questions where his money goes after being spent at Chick Fil A - he decides to respect the value of his money by not spending it at Chick Fil A, and inadvertently promoting political agendas carried out by the restaurant.

Money Smarts blog presents a practical way to estimate home maintenance costs.  As someone looking to buy my first home soon, I found this to be very helpful.

How much would this house cost to maintain?