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Housing History

I saw this fun idea for a post over at E-Musings - a brief history on where I've lived. She covered her history as a renter, and I will start with since moving out of the parents' house to go to college too, although I'm not renting NOW, and this place definitely needs to be on the list, so it's not specifically a "rental" history.

Freshman High Rise

My first dorm was as stereotypical as you can get - a freshman high rise, with the added feature of being an all-girls building. In a university with a large population of sorority girls, a disproportionate amount of which lived in my building. This was my first introduction to Georgia - coming from Massachusetts, I hadn't even realized that all-female buildings were a "thing" anymore. We had the typical tiny box of a room shared with another girl. Lofted beds, with the rest of our stuff under the lofted beds.

My roommate liked to invite drunken male friends over to share our tiny box - multiple guys sharing our room the first weekend of the semester. I didn't really get along with her.

Apartment-style dorms

My second semester of college, I moved from the worst building on campus to the best. Our university had constructed some new "apartment-style" dorms (you and a roommate or two each share a little apartment with a living room, and a kitchen sink and fridge - no stove). The university required first-years to live on campus, and so in my most-spoiled moment, I told my parents that I had to move or I would transfer schools. These dorms were far more than the cost of an equivalent real apartment. They didn't really need the ultimatum, and I was significantly happier in these dorms, which is also where all of the international students that I was friends with were placed.

Off-campus housing

Sophomore year, I used off campus to a two-bedroom, one bath furnished apartment in a very student-oriented apartment complex. I think we paid about $450/month each, plus a set $90/month for utilities, which is a little steep for the area, but probably worth it for not having to buy furnishings, rent a moving truck, and store my stuff somewhere because the next place I lived was...


I spent the summer and fall semester of Junior year studying abroad in Monterrey, Mexico. I lived in the back half of a family's home that had been turned into apartments. They lived in a very narrow house, with three floors, and they had converted the back of the 2nd and 3rd floors to apartments. The main attraction was not sharing a room, and having air conditioning. My rent was $350 here, including utilities, and getting my laundry done once a week.

My land lady decided to rent the adjoining room out to a freshman girl a few weeks into the year, and so I had to share my bathroom with her - which meant she had access to my whole apartment. I would sometimes find that she had logged into her AIM chat or something on my computer when I wasn't around. She was supposed to access her room from the family's main entrance. I'm not sure what she did - the land lady complained about her eating their food without permission - but the land lady eventually decided the extra money wasn't worth the trouble of having this girl around, thank goodness.

Shared sublet

When I moved back to the US, I sublet a room in a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment. In fact, the apartment was intended to be two single-room apartments. Some past owner had joined the two with a spiral staircase. Instead of a kitchen on my level, we had a laundry area, which was nice. So far I've never had to use a laundromat, and I'd hate to have to start!

I didn't feel like I really moved into this place. I only lived there for a semester. The girl who was already living there kept the shared upstairs area an absolute mess, and I spent as little time as possible there.

Senior year

Another shared apartment in a student-oriented apartment complex. A four-bedroom four bath. Nothing too remarkable here. Didn't see two of the roommates too often.

Masters Degree Year

Shared a 3-bedroom, 3 bath with two friends. I think our rent was only $350 each, and we could walk to campus (but usually didn't due to heat or the danger of that route if one had to return home after dark.) My one roommate managed to almost die in a car accident the day we all moved in, which was a scary time.

Atlanta living

Thanks to being a dog-owner, rather than living in a $900/month single-room apartment like most of my coworkers did, I ended up moving into a shared house (3 br 2 bath) with rent of only $325/month for just over a year. If you've been a frequent reader of the blog, you may have read some posts showing the stress/arguments I had with those roommates. Luckily, after living there for about a year and a half I moved to...

My first home!

I have been living in my house for about a month now. I love the house. I love coming home to a quiet home without a TV blaring. I like having the fridge to myself. I love my kitchen. I'm having a great time coming up with ideas for the garden, and implementing some of those ideas (it'll take some time and money to achieve my imagined end result.)

Overall, I've been quite spoiled by the cheap housing available in Georgia. I really feel terrible for E-musings and the terrible places she has lived - probably for a much higher price than my list! The most I have had to pay in rent was $450/month. That's pretty crazy! (FYI, the mortgage payment is about $985, including taxes, homeowners insurance, and PMI).

How about you? Any interesting/horrifying stories of places you have lived?