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Let’s talk later

Chatty co-workers – how do you deal with them? I’ve been having a problem with an extra-chatty coworker, and I’ve been trying to take steps to address the issue in a sensible fashion. Advice from a Google search… Read More

The value of work

Most of us go to work everyday. Some of us might prefer not to go to work, would prefer to work less, or would prefer their work to be in a different field. We also have ideas about… Read More

Work vs. School

Some musings on the difference between work and school (specifically, higher educations)–expectations, what behavior you’re rewarded for, the type of rewards you get. How does 85% sound? If you’re like me, 85% wasn’t what I wanted to get… Read More

I read two articles today, aimed at young CPA’s in particular, but most likely valid to many young workers my age. The first article is aimed at CPA firms, listing steps that firms can take to make sure… Read More

Change management – offering employees options

We are going through some changes in our office at the moment, due to a construction project. This involves moving offices multiple times for some of us, and apparently the scheduling is not good enough to be able… Read More

My job is eating my life

And it tastes delicious! Ermm . . . at least I hope so? So I thought that May would be my “slow” month. The time between audit busy season and tax busy season. Well, I kicked off May… Read More

Location location location – at work

About six months ago I moved offices, placing me about 75 feet closer to one partner and further from another partner. This resulted in many more assignments coming my way from the partner I moved closer to, and… Read More

Young Professionals

In public accounting, there’s an expectation that young employees need to “put in their time” as we call it. And they need to put in this time because, well, that’s what everyone else did when they’re a young… Read More

Work blahs

My (extended) tax season has really ramped up the last couple of weeks. Most of our tax returns are due by September 17th, which is still 4 weeks away, but a) we like to have returns to clients… Read More

Blogging and work

I am been very quiet on the blog over the past few months – a lot of that is due to business, but most of it is because everytime I want to share things about my life –… Read More